Plan of Work

Our plan of work is a 1 year plan covering 2017-2018. This plan was adopted by the Executive Committee on November 28, 2017 and is reviewed annually. The Plan of Work drives everything we do.

Chair Elect & Organizational Advancement

Purpose: Plan for the future of the organization by anticipating representation, structure and resource needs before they occur.

Objective 1: Launch the 14 Forward Campaign

  • Obtain IRS 501 c (3) Tax Exempt Status.
  • Expand the GKCC Bylaws to add a number of Foundation directors.
  • Populate the Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Develop a letter of agreement that states the terms and conditions through which GKCC provides and is paid back for start-up funding by the Foundation.
  • Amend GKCC Plan of Work to include campaign strategies & tactics.
  • Develop a budget to support campaign activities.
  • Develop a Policy Manual for the Foundation.
  • Develop a plan to create office space to support the campaign.
  • Write job descriptions for new hires and rewrite job descriptions for current employees to support campaign activities.
  • Advertise new positions and hire new personnel.
  • Modify reporting and communication system to include campaign activities.
  • Schedule and organize Foundation meetings.

Objective 2: Lead strategic planning.

Objective 3: Chair Governance Activities.

  • Recommend changes to the Bylaws.
  • Evaluate board structure, composition and qualifications for membership.
  • Nominate members to serve as directors.
  • Evaluate current board member participation and willingness to continue to serve prior to re-election. Identify, nominate and orient new board members.

Objective 4: Maintain a formal organization structure.

  • Conduct a detailed orientation session for each new GKCC board member and KEDC member.
  • Maintain and update manuals for GKCC and KEDC and make them available to members and others who request them.

Objective 5: Develop the staff.

  • Organize and conduct an annual retreat.
  • Provide specialized training for staff based on need.​


Fort Hood Military Relations

Purpose: To collaborate with others to ensure that Fort Hood is fully utilized.

Objective 1: Promote the importance and sustainability of Fort Hood and defenserelated industries. Take advantage of opportunities to expand Fort Hood.

  • Participate in Association of Defense Communities events to gather intelligence.
  • Work with allies, including the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance, to prepare for a possible future Base Realignment and Closure process.
  • Brief Fort Hood, U.S. Army and Department of Defense leaders on relevant community issues.

Objective 2: Build on the strong relationship between the community and Fort Hood, the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense.

  • Operate the Military Relations Council to include these activities:
    • Organize and lead strategic trips to the U.S. Army’s National Training Center;
    • Conduct annual social for senior officers and sergeants major;
    • Provide an AUSA scholarship;
    • Participate in Hood Howdy two times per year;
    • Organize luncheons featuring unit commanders; and,
    • Provide counseling for the Warriors in Transition, the Chamber’s adopted unit, through the Business Resource Center.
  • Support Central Texas AUSA Chapter’s activities.
  • Advise and support the Mounted Warfare Foundation and the National Museum of Mounted Warfare and Soldier Center.
  • Attend functions as invited included, but not limited to:
    • Civic Leader Briefings;
    • Welcome & Farewell receptions for general officers, command sergeants major and spouses;
    • Recognition Ceremonies;
    • Change-of-Command and Color-Casing Ceremonies; and,
    • Fort Hood Good Neighbor events.


Investor Services

Purpose: Focus on Investors. Create value for them.

Objective 1: Allocate resources to deliver value, as defined by investors, to investors through a Tiered Dues structure that offers investors choices.

  • Develop and offer products and services to investors.
    • Data services
    • Advertising
    • Advocacy
    • Events
    • Access
    • Information
    • Opportunities to Connect
  • Segment investors to provide unique value based on their needs through the creation and operation of councils.
    • Leadership Councils
      • Public Policy
      • Military Relations;
      • Information Technology; and
      • Defense Contractors (assigned to the Foundation).
    • Business Councils
      • Retail Managers Council
      • Non-profit Council
      • Welcome Council
      • Public Education Council

Objective 2: Implement a Membership Plan.

  • Frequently touch and provide value to investors through these and other activities: Ribbon-cuttings; ground breakings; goodwill calls, new member orientation, mixers; events where investors can exhibit and the public can view and sample products and services, and business enhancement seminars, sales and goodwill calls.
  • Document and grow the membership investment, through the recruitment of new members and the retention of current members, by a net increase of 10%.
  • Document and achieve a retention rate of 85%.

Purpose: Enhance our Revenue Stream. Create financial sustainability.

Objective 3: Organize an annual banquet/meeting to celebrate accomplishments.

  • Recognize award winners.
  • Provide a message of value to investors.

Objective 4: Create new sources of non-dues revenue.

  • Print publications in house to improve content and to provide visibility for investors through sponsorships and advertising opportunities.
  • Use the website to generate revenue through sponsorships and advertising.
  • Offer E-mail sponsorships for investors to share their message.
  • Grow Leadercast, and similar professional development programs. Collaborate with surrounding communities to bring these programs to a larger number of people.
  • Conduct Flavors of Central Texas.

Business Development

Purpose: Focus on programs that will lead to the creation and recruitment of jobs with competitive wages in the service, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Objective 1: Create an environment for the growth of new businesses through entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Continue to fund and utilize the Business Resource Center to offer small business and entrepreneur counseling and training.

Objective 2: Conduct a business recruitment program.

2. A. Attract new retail business to the community.

  • Exhibit at the Annual International Council of Shopping Center Conference and other venues.
  • Produce a Retail Leakage Report every other year.

2. B. Attract new commercial/industrial business to the community.

  • Identify prospects for which our community qualifies from the following sources:
    • marketing to companies through Grand Central Texas, a regional collaboration, to reduce costs;
    • relationships with site location consultants; and,
    • the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.
  • Develop customized proposals to address the criteria set forth by prospects.
  • Organize and host prospect visits to the community.
  • Analyze data and prepare recommendations.
  • Work with a negotiating team to evaluate and create incentive proposals.
  • Prepare Offer Letters and collaborate with attorneys to prepare Development/Performance Agreements.
  • Present projects to political subdivisions so that decisions can be made.

Objective 3: Provide staff support for KEDC.

  • Organize meetings.
  • Prepare and post agendas.
  • Initiate and coordinate annual audits/financial reviews.
  • Keep financials.
  • Keep KEDC manuals current.
  • Supervise and maintain KEDC property.
  • Market and keep the Killeen Business Park competitive.
  • Keep the KEDC website up to date.

Objective 4: Provide staff support for KIF.

  • Organize meetings.
  • Initiate and coordinate annual audits/financial reviews.

Public Policy

Purpose: Become the voice of business.

Purpose: Create legislative support for the successful implementation of each of our priorities.

Objective 1: Operate a Public Policy Council to address issues impacting business, transportation, education/workforce, and the military and to grow and nurture appropriate relationships to build trust.

  • Develop, keep current, and act on a public policy agenda to address key issues at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Organize community events for federal and state officials to build support for Fort Hood, TAMUCT and for other community needs.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the legislative delegation so as to be able to effectively pursue the legislative agenda.
  • Engage and coordinate with Fort Hood.
  • Cause members to become active on issues affecting business at the state and federal levels.

Purpose: Reach Out in Killeen and Bell County

Objective 2: Think regionally. Act locally.

Collaborate with others outside the community to focus on opportunities and challenges.

  • Help lead the Bell/ Williamson Counties Chamber and EDC quarterly meetings.


Purpose: Tell Our Story

Objective 1: Implement a comprehensive communications plan. The plan will provide professional, timely, and accurate content in various forms.

  • Publish email newsletters for investors, prospects and members.
  • Use social media to increase our effectiveness and reach.

Objective 2: Develop, maintain, and promote a meaningful, user-friendly chamber website.

  • Continually add content to our websites to meet the information needs of investors and the general public.

Objective 3: Proactively reach out to the media.

  • Participate in media interviews as needed.
  • Keep an up-to-date media kit for distribution.

Objective 4: Ensure that there is a formal reporting system in place.

  • Post the Plan of Work on our website.
  • Provide monthly reports electronically to board of directors, city councils, KEDC and KIF.
  • Post monthly reports on the website.
  • Give oral reports as requested.

Talent Development & Place Design

Purpose: Cause business to collaborate with educational institutions to improve the student product and support schools.

Objective 1: Collaborate and support efforts to implement business-education partnership with educational institutions. Support schools through the Public Education Council.

  • New Teacher’s Showcase
  • Wooden Nickel Store
  • The Closet
  • Mentoring Program.

Purpose: Develop and engage Young Professionals.

Objective 2: Work with the GKYP Executive Committee to develop a unique and need satisfying program of work and activities.

Purpose: Develop community leaders for the future.

Objective 3: Operate Leadership Killeen to enhance the skills of future community and business leaders to provide value to participants and sponsors.

  • Identify and recruit emerging community leaders.
  • Keep the curriculum relevant.

Purpose: Work with stakeholders to proactively create a sense of place attractive to creative, innovative talent.

Objective 4: Develop and implement a work plan to:

1) launch and sustain a mural program; and,
2) advise the city staff in developing a Comprehensive Plan, especially the chapter on Economic Development.