Plan of Work

Our plan of work is a 1 year plan covering October, 2016 - September 2017. This plan was adopted by the Executive Committee on September 29, 2016 and is reviewed annually. The Plan of Work drives everything we do.

Organizational Advancement

Purpose: Plan for the future of the organization by anticipating representation, structure and resource needs before they occur.

Objective 1: Lead strategic planning.

Objective 2: Chair Governance Activities.

Action Steps:

  • Recommend changes to the Bylaws.
  • Evaluate board structure, composition and qualifications for membership.
  • Nominate members to serve as directors.
  • Evaluate current board member participation and willingness to continue to serve prior to re-election. Identify, nominate and orient new board members.

Objective 3: Maintain a formal organization structure.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct a detailed orientation session for each new GKCC board member and KEDC member.
  • Maintain and update manuals for GKCC and KEDC and make them available to members and others who request them.

Objective 4: Develop the staff.

Action Steps:

  • Organize and conduct an annual retreat.
  • Provide specialized training for staff based on need.

Fort Hood Military Relations

Purpose: To collaborate with others to ensure that Fort Hood is fully utilized.

Objective 1:Promote the importance and sustainability of Fort Hood and defense-related industries. Take advantage of opportunities to expand Fort Hood.

Action Steps:

Collaborate with others to:

  • Participate in Association of Defense Communities events to gather intelligence.
  • Work with allies, including the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance, to prepare for a possible future Base Realignment and Closure process.

Objective 2: Build on the strong relationship between the community and Fort Hood, the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense.

Action Steps:

  • Operate the Military Relations Council to include these activities:
    • Organize and lead strategic trips to the U.S. Army’s National Training Center.
    • Conduct annual social for senior officers and sergeants major.
    • Conduct a brigade and battalion commander social following their III Corps orientation.
    • Provide an AUSA scholarship.
    • Participate in Hood Howdy two times per year.
    • Organize unit tours on the installation.
    • Organize luncheons featuring unit commanders; and.
    • Provide counseling for the Warriors in Transition, the Chamber’s adopted unit, through the Business Resource Center.
  • Support Central Texas AUSA Chapter’s activities.
  • Advise and support the Mounted Warfare Foundation and the National Museum of Mounted Warfare and Soldier Center.
  • Staff will support and attend these functions as invited:
    • Civic Leader Briefings.
    • Welcome & Farewell receptions for general officers, command sergeants major and spouses.
    • Purple Heart and Volunteer Recognition Ceremonies.
    • Change-of-Command and Color-Casing Ceremonies and,
    • Fort Hood Good Neighbor events.

Investor Services

Purpose: Focus on Investors. Create value for them.

Objective 1: Allocate resources to deliver value to investors as the investor defines value.

Action Steps:

  • Develop and offer products and services to investors.
    • Data services
    • Advertising
    • Advocacy
    • Events
    • Access
    • Information
    • Opportunities to Connect.
  • Create and Operate Leadership and Business Councils. Segment and provide unique value to investors based on their needs.
    • Retail Managers Council
    • Non-profit Council
    • Welcome Council
    • Public Education Council
    • Public Policy Council
    • Military Relations Council
    • Information Technology Council

Objective 2: Implement a Membership Plan.

Action Steps:

  • Provide opportunities to frequently touch investors and provide value through these and other activities: Ribbon-cuttings; ground breakings; goodwill calls, new member orientation, mixers; Hood Howdy, events where investors can exhibit and the public can view and sample products and services, and business enhancement seminars.
  • Retain investors through sales and goodwill calls

Purpose: Enhance our Revenue Stream. Create financial sustainability.

Objective 3: Continue to operate and improve a Tiered Investment Schedule.

Action Steps:

  • Design the schedule in such a way that investors can choose from offerings of products and services to achieve value from their investment in a customized package.

Objective 4: Create a plan to document and grow the membership investment, through the recruitment of new members and the retention of current members, by a net increase of 10%.

  • Use the Investor Recruitment Committee to identify prospective investors and organize events.

Objective 5: Create a plan to document and achieve a retention rate of 85%.

Objective 6: Create new sources of non-dues revenue.

Action Steps:

  • Print publications in house to improve content and to provide visibility for investors through content, sponsorships and advertising opportunities.
  • Develop a strategy to use the website to generate revenue through advertising.

    1. Engage in Search Engine Optimization to optimize advertising exposure and value on the chamber website.
    2. Create a program to drive internet marketing sales on the website to local businesses to increase their business.

  • Offer E-mail sponsorships for investors to share their message.
  • Sell products and services to the business community at large.
  • Develop Leadercast, and similar professional development programs, to provide value to investors. Collaborate with surrounding communities to bring these programs to a larger number of people.

Business Development

Purpose: Focus on programs that will lead to the creation and recruitment of jobs with competitive wages in the service, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Objective 1: Create an environment for the growth of new businesses through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Action Steps:

  • Continue to fund and utilize the Business Resource Center to offer small business and entrepreneur counseling and training and to provide programs, projects, workshops, seminars, and services that meet needs of our small business members including those in the community, in the Army’s Transition Assistance Program and in the Army’s Warrior in Transition Unit.

Objective 2: Conduct a business recruitment program.

Action Steps:

  • Develop customized proposals to address the criteria set forth by prospects.
  • Market to companies through Grand Central Texas, a regional collaboration, to reduce costs.
  • Provide data and information on economic conditions of the area to investors, developers and consultants who are evaluating this market.
  • Maintain an online properties database that is interactive.
  • Organize and host prospect visits to the community.

Objective 3: Attract new retail business to the community.

Action Steps:

  • Exhibit at the Annual International Council of Shopping Center Conference.

Objective 4: Provide research and guide incentive negotiations.

Action Steps:

  • Work with a negotiating team to meet with those requesting incentives to create and evaluate incentives proposals.
  • Analyze data and prepare recommendations.
  • Prepare Offer Letters.
  • Work with attorneys to prepare Development/Performance Agreements.

Objective 5: Work with investors to present projects to political subdivisions so that decisions can be made.

Objective 6: Conduct research to support the previous priorities and tasks.

Action Steps:

  • Develop Economic Impact Analysis Reports.
  • Provide credit and/or corporate intelligence reports.
  • Update demographic information utilizing public and private sources. 

Objective 7: Provide staff support for KEDC.

Action Steps:

  • Organize meetings.
  • Prepare agendas.
  • Initiate and coordinate annual audits/financial reviews.
  • Keep financials.
  • Keep KEDC manuals current.
  • Supervise the maintenance of KEDC property.

Objective 8: Provide staff support for KIF.

Action Steps:

  • Organize meetings.
  • Prepare agendas.
  • Initiate and coordinate annual audits/financial reviews.

Public Policy

Purpose: Become the voice of business.

Objective 1: Operate a Public Policy Council to address issues impacting business, transportation, education/workforce, and military.

Action Steps:

  • Develop, keep current, and act on a public policy agenda to address key issues at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Gather input from stakeholders.
  • Provide information to the membership on issues impacting business and economic vitality.
  • Organize community events for federal and state officials to build support for Fort Hood, TAMUCT and for other community needs.

Objective 2: Grow and nurture appropriate relationships to build trust.

Action Steps:

  • Maintain a strong relationship with the legislative delegation so as to be able to effectively pursue the legislative agenda.

Purpose: Create legislative support for the successful implementation of each of our priorities

Objective 3: Engage and coordinate with Fort Hood.

Action Steps:

  • Keep Fort Hood represented on the Public Policy Council.

Objective 4: Cause members to become active on issues affecting business at the state and federal levels.

Action Steps:

  • Develop public policy content to include in communications.
  • Provide Chamber members with access to legislative agendas.
  • Solicit timely, appropriate action from the board and membership through email and the electronic newsletter.
  • Communicate positions approved by the board to elected officials.
  • Get out the membership vote.

Purpose: Reach Out in Killeen and Bell County

Objective 5: Think regionally. Act locally. Collaborate with others outside the community to focus on opportunities and challenges.

Action Steps:

  • Take an active role in reorganizing the Central Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Business.
  • Serve on the University Economic Development Council.
  • Attract regional participants to opportunities at The Center for Solar Energy in collaboration with TAMUCT.


Purpose: Tell Our Story

Objective 1: Implement a comprehensive communications plan. The plan will provide professional, timely, and accurate publications, media items, and communications to our members and our secondary audience including the media, governmental elected and appointed officials, and the general public.

Action Steps:

  • Produce a quarterly business magazine to educate the community on critical issues and reflect positively on the community brand.
  • Publish email newsletters for investors, prospects and members.
  • Use social media to increase our effectiveness and reach.

Objective 2: Develop, maintain, and market a meaningful, user-friendly website.

Action Steps:

  • Redesign, monitor and enhance to meet the needs of investors and to generate revenue.

Objective 3: Proactively reach out to the media.

Action Steps:

  • Issue positive news releases.
  • Participate in media interviews as needed.
  • Keep an up to date media kit for distribution on request or as needed.

Objective 4: Develop and deploy content to educate our members and the general public about all aspects of economic and business development.

Action Steps:

  • Develop educational materials for inclusion in Chamber publications, on our websites, email newsletters and in other community publications.

Objective 5: Ensure that there is a formal reporting system in place.

Action Steps:

  • Post the Plan of Work on our website.
  • Provide monthly reports electronically to board of directors, city councils, KEDC and KIF.
  • Post monthly reports on the website.
  • Give oral reports to city councils as requested.

Objective 6: Organize an annual event to celebrate accomplishments.

Action Steps:

  • Recognize award winners.
  • Provide a message of value to investors.

Talent Development

Purpose: Cause business to collaborate with educational institutions to improve the student product and support schools.

Objective 1: Collaborate and support efforts to implement a formal Business-Education Partnership with educational institutions.

Action Steps:

  • Support schools.
  • Organize and support a Regional High School Career Day.
  • Organize and support an 8th Grade College & Career Day.
  • Support New Teacher Welcome Events with a showcase.
  • Establish Wooden Nickel Stores as sponsors make funds available.

Purpose: Develop and engage Young Professionals.

Objective 2: Grow and develop the Greater Killeen Young Professionals into a model in the state of Texas.

Action Steps:

  • Benchmark successful programs in other chambers of commerce.
  • Work with the GKYP Executive Committee to develop a unique and need satisfying program of work and activities.

Purpose: Develop community leaders for the future.

Objective 3: Operate Leadership Killeen to enhance the skills of future community and business leaders to provide value to participants and sponsors.

Action Steps:

Identify and recruit emerging community leaders.

Annually review the curriculum to ensure relevance.

Objective 4: Continue the growth of the Leadership Killeen Alumni Association.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct at least one professional development program each year for this group.

Place Design

Purpose: Work with stakeholders to proactively create a sense of place attractive to creative, innovative talent.

Objective 1: Operate a Place Design Team.

Action Steps:

  • Educate the public and advocate for place design. Develop content that can be used to educate stakeholders and the public on the importance of place design.

Objective 2: Develop and implement a Work Plan for the Place Design Team.

Action Steps:

  • Launch a mural program.
  • Support the downtown redevelopment initiative by collaborating with others on the use of Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #2 funding.