Improve Infrastructure & Quality of Place

The Chamber will work to upgrade local infrastructure in order to improve access to current and emerging technology for businesses and residents/families and to strengthen the region’s competitive advantage in the new information-based economy.

Bandwidth, defined as the speed and volume at which digital information can be moved in a community, is critical to economic development. Access to high-speed internet is often a deciding factor for where both workers and businesses locate, so it is imperative that our community encourage the development of this technology by:


The Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce played a pivotal role in securing Interstate designation for the first 25 miles of Interstate 14 (I-14) from Business US 190 in Copperas Cove to interstate 35 in Belton. The Chamber continues to work with elected officials and communities along the route to obtain Interstate designation for the remainder of the route (El Paso, TX in the West to Ft. Benning, GA in the East). This will benefit the region by: