The Chamber's 'Thank You' to Our Local Heroes

Published by: Tanner Carlson | Published on: 26 May, 2023
The Chamber's 'Thank You' to Our Local Heroes

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 6:43 pm the Killeen Fire Department was called to respond to the historical train depot in Downtown Killeen, home to the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce. The building is the oldest in the City of Killeen being built in 1913. Its historical significance and yellow exterior are what gives the building its unique charm.

If not for the quick response time from the Killeen Fire Department, the building could have been lost forever. After battling the flames, a few hours later the backside of the uniquely yellow building was charred black, soaked with water damage, and had a giant hole in the roof for air ventilation. However, the building was still standing.


The Chamber staff would be displaced for the next 3 months and work remotely from their homes, local cafes, or other businesses that generously offered available office space to them. Business for the chamber continued as usual, but the fire department, insurance company, along with the City of Killeen stayed busy restoring the former train depot.

“We want to thank the City building staff for their continued attention to repairs and quality of renovations that they have performed on the facility,” Scott Connell, CEO and President of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce said. “The business community reached out to us immediately to offer support and resources. The Chamber is made up of an incredible group of businesses committed to the community. We are humbled by the support, attention, and encouragement we have received from the Killeen community."