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Mobile devices are all but essential in today’s world. However, bringing mobile devices into the workplace can quickly cause headaches for employers. Staff might waste precious time on their mobile devices, potentially resulting in lost income for the company. Employers may also face security concerns from staff who attempt to connect their mobile devices to company devices or networked systems.

IT has rapidly transformed our world into a global village. With numerous facilitations and automations our lifestyle has revolutionized. Today’s settled life is incomplete without Internet, connectivity, mobile phones, social media etc.

Enterprise security has become a complex and expensive affair. Securing an enterprise requires thorough knowledge of information security, dedicated skills and continuous resolve. For many enterprises, the first step in security is conducting a risk assessment, then devising plans to reduce or evade the effects of specific risks.

Now that the Internet of Things (“IoT”), big data analytics and artificial intelligence have become common, cyber security, particularly in these areas, has become part of daily life. Every year comes with its own set of cyber security challenges, and 2018 is no exception.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important requirements for enterprises today. However, cybersecurity has also become extremely complex, even when handled by experts and professionals.

During the 85th Legislative Session in Texas, proposed General Revenue funding for public higher education followed an uncertain pathway before final approval of the state’s budget, beginning with a Senate proposal to eliminate all funding that was not formula driven.

Because information technology (IT) advances so quickly, enterprises often must decide whether to adopt new technology. When this decision is incorrectly made, business productivity can suffer. On the other hand, by following the correct steps and making the correct decision at the right time, an enterprise can reach new heights.

Abdul B. Subhani, President & CEO of Centex Technologies, an information technology consulting company based in Killeen, Texas, has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.

Despite advanced security measures, organizations often suffer cyber attacks, due to minor security issues. Because these threats are often overlooked, employees are not typically trained and cautioned against them.

Information Security (InfoSec) is a fluid and dynamic field. The changing nature of the cyber environment means InfoSec is never foolproof. New technology can be used to assist both cybersecurity experts and cybercriminals.