Green Business Initiative

The Green Business Initiative (GBI) is a program by the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce (GKCC) and Centex Sustainable Communities Partnership recognizing local businesses that have incorporated sustainable practices into their organization.  

GBI Certification will communicate to your customers that you are committed to reducing your company's environmental impact.  Certified businesses who are members of the GKCC will enjoy several benefits, including:
  • Certificate for storefront & digital badge for website 
  • Listing on GKCC website
  • Recognition on GKCC Facebook and newsletter
  • Representation on GKCC Green Business Council
  • Eligibility to be awarded "Green Business of the Year" at the GKCC Annual Banquet
  • Discounted service with The Green Plant compost pickup
  • The competitive advantage and efficiency that sustainable practices bring to your business
  • Recognition as a community leader in sustainability

GBI certification requires implementing at least 15 of the measures listed below, or developing your own green practices.  
  • Recycle paper/plastic/cans/cardboard/glass by bringing recyclables to the recycle center or arranging a creative reuse system.
  • Compost food waste by starting your own compost pile or using The Green Plant's Compost pickup service (254-393-0504).
  • Decrease the frequency of your waste service pickup or container size.
  • Implement at least 7 measures to reduce paper waste.
  • Centralize purchasing to eliminate unnecessary purchases and ensure that all waste reduction purchasing policies are followed.
  • Buy in bulk or refillable containers to reduce packaging waste.
  • Offer reusable or non-plastic alternatives for single-use items.
  • Replace paints/solvents/cleaners/glues/other hazardous materials with less/non-hazard products.
  • Institute a window cleaning schedule of "as needed" instead of routinely scheduled.
  • Implement at least 2 measures to reuse items rather than discard them.
  • Adjust your thermostat up in Summer and down in Winter by 2 degrees and use ceiling fans for air circulation.
  • Install timers and automatic shut-off systems for faucets, sprinklers, light fixtures, etc.
  • Use renewable energy such as solar or wind, and use natural light whenever possible.
  • Regularly check for and repair all water leaks in your facility to catch repairs while they're still small. Savings: up to $35/year.
  • Install/use a programmable thermostat with 4 temperature settings.  Savings: up to $180/year.
  • Set your water heater's thermostat to 120 degrees and wrap with an insulating jacket to reduce heat loss.  Savings:  up to $461/year.
  • Switch off just 1 light bulb that would otherwise burn 8 hours and day.  Savings: up to $20/year.
  • Replace your 5 most frequently used lights with ENERGY STAR bulbs/fixtures.  Savings: up to $75/year.