Flavors of Central Texas - Zaxby's {Straight from the Chair}

Published by: Michael Linnemann | Published on: 10 Jan, 2022
Flavors of Central Texas - Zaxby's {Straight from the Chair}

Mike Linnemann here, continuing my culinary quest of the food merchant members of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, at least those who are participating in Flavors this year.
Today’s adventure took me to Zaxby’s on Clear Creek, a fine establishment that specializes in chicken, whether it’s tenders, wings, boneless wings, or sandwiches.  The chicken population is not too thrilled with this place.  They also offer salads, desserts, and they have one of those hi-tech soda machines (a must-have).  Most importantly, they carry Barq’s Root Beer – an essential soft drink offering.
The Flavors coupon entitles you to a FREE sandwich meal.  That’s right – free again!  No strings attached, no fine print, just good, free food.  I went for the spicy sandwich because that’s how I roll.  The sandwich was on point, so much so that I made a slight breach of etiquette by taking a bite before I took the picture.  Your understanding is very much appreciated.  The crinkle fries held up, and it was all pulled together just right with the root beer.

Moreover, this place is beautiful.  Looks more like a nice restaurant than a fast-food joint, both inside and out.  Clean, well-staffed with polite people, and serving a solid meal that will keep you coming back for more.
Thank you, Zaxby’s, for making my lunch memorable and for supporting your community and your local Chamber of Commerce!


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