Flavors of Central Texas - Taiwan Dragon {Straight from the Chair}

Published by: Michael Linnemann | Published on: 14 Jan, 2022
Flavors of Central Texas - Taiwan Dragon {Straight from the Chair}

The eyes of ten thousand heroes.
Mike Linnemann here, reporting back to you as Chair of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, and a one-man eating machine, devouring his way through every Chamber member restaurant taking part in Flavors this year.
Today’s stop was special as I had the privilege of stopping in at the Taiwan Dragon.  The Taiwan Dragon is an embedded fixture in the history of Killeen and Fort Hood.  They’ve taken themselves from the simple status of restaurant and have deftly morphed into the very DNA of our community.  They’ve accomplished this through years of support for this city and, most importantly, the men and women of Fort Hood.
If you’ve never been you’ll be stunned to silence by the humbling display of photographs of thousands, literally thousands, of military events big and small.  Over the decades they’ve adorned their interior with commemorative pictures of the countless ceremonies that now echo the years past from these hallowed walls.  People always wonder if some walls could speak.  These do, and they lovingly reflect the honor, the duty, and the bravery of the people who’ve made our town, and our country, what it is today.

But I digress – they also serve great food!  Efficiency is key (perhaps a military influence?) as I walk in and am greeted by my server just inside the door.  The conversation was to the point:  “Just you?”.
“Yes, just me.”
“Ok, sit down.”
I love it.  Let’s get down to the business of eating.  Please don’t think she was rude – she was direct and I appreciate everything about it.  I sat, I got my tea, used my Flavors coupon for a free eggroll, and enjoyed it with the Hunan Pork.  Flipping delicious and I remembered to take the picture BEFORE I ate the food this time, so bonus points to our intrepid explorer.

If you’ve never been then do yourself a favor and make time to visit and dine at The Taiwan Dragon.  The food is fabulous, and the atmosphere will give you a refreshed veneration for our fighting forces and the work they do.  Stop on by and see what I mean when you dine under the gaze of ten thousand heroes.


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