Flavors of Central Texas - Aronka's 5 Star Creations {Straight from the Chair}

Published by: Michael Linnemann | Published on: 11 Jan, 2022
Flavors of Central Texas - Aronka's 5 Star Creations {Straight from the Chair}

Aronka’s Five Star Creations was the most pleasant surprise I’ve had in a long time.
Mike Linnemann here, still vigilant in my sacred task of experiencing every single food-service Chamber member who’s participating in this year’s Flavors of Central Texas event.  Tonight, just before the Colonel and I dropped Ava Jane off at rehearsal at the Central Texas Theatre, we stopped in at Aronka’s Five Star Creations for a quick bite of ice cream, but came away with so much more.
Sidebar:  the “Colonel” I refer to is my father, LtCol John A. Linnemann, USMC (retired).  He’s now 85, he lives with us, and he’s a great food critic.  Everything is delicious, there is never anything left on his plate, and nothing is ever as good as oatmeal.
Aronka’s is new, having opened just two months ago on November 19th.  It was hard to find at first, being nestled in a tiny cottage on Trimmier just south of Weiss, but find it we did.  We weren’t all in the door yet when an upbeat woman with the most wonderful aura and a genuine love for her trade welcomed us, introduced herself, and began regaling us with the details of her offerings and her philosophy.  The Linnemanns had just met Aronka.

Ava Jane, my daughter, has just recently turned 13 and is difficult to impress.  She was held in fascination by Aronka’s unveiling of everything you ever wanted to know about ice cream.  Ava Jane turned to me once she was able to break free to say “I love this place.”
Aronka’s is the creation of Aronka and her husband, Aaron, who is recently retired from the Army (thank you for your service) and now dutifully runs backup at his amazing wife’s ice creamery (so, thanks again for your service!).  They proudly make ALL of their ice creams fresh daily.  All of them.  Their flavors are originally their own, they are bursting with pride over their new venture, and it shows.  Their infectious optimism and genuine kindness only added to the quality of the product.

The coupon from Flavors offers you a free mini-scoop of ice cream.  Only do that if you hate yourself.  I ordered an ice cream taco, stuffed with salted caramel ice cream and topped with M&Ms, crushed Oreos, and whipped cream.  Ava had a cotton candy shake and the Colonel had the mini-scoop, but only after a little coercion.  The ice cream was fabulous as you might imagine and we all had a wonderful visit with this beautiful family.

We left with smiles on our faces.  Ava Jane insisted that we come back sometime soon.  The Colonel even had a good time – he almost smiled.  As for me, I left there remembering what it was like to be new in business.  I was touched by their enthusiasm, and it reminded me of what life was like so long ago.  Back when you were just starting on your dream, rolling the dice and throwing your hat in the ring.
It reaffirmed for me the importance of what we do at the Chamber.  It’s for people just like Aronka and Aaron.  This is truly what the Chamber is all about, and I’m proud to be a part of it.
Thank you, Aaron & Aronka, not only for being so amazing tonight, but for helping me reset and remember why being in business is such a joy.  You guys are great and I wish you the best.


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