Chamber Spotlight: Aronka's Five Star Creations

Chamber Spotlight: Aronka's Five Star Creations
Published by: Tanner Carlson | Published on: 19 Dec, 2022
Chamber Spotlight: Aronka's Five Star Creations

The Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce is continuing its series that spotlights local businesses, organizations, and non-profits to help them tell their stories to the public. This article will shine a light on Aronka’s Five Star Creations.
By Tanner Carlson, Communications Manager

If there was ever a place that could provide a family-friendly atmosphere where the entire family feels loved and appreciated, it’s at a gourmet ice cream shop in Killeen located off Trimmier near Ellison High School. Aronka’s Five Star Creations handcrafts their homemade ice cream with unique flavors that will surely bring you back to when you were a kid, and if you are a kid, well they will have you begging your parents for more.

“I was in prayer and never in my life have I ever seen anyone make ice cream,” Aronka Robertson, Owner, on how she decided to come up with the idea to open an ice cream shop in 2019. “I heard that voice say, ‘Go in the kitchen and make some ice cream,’ and the first flavor that I made was something that we now call Heavenly Banana Pudding, and that is how this all came about.”

The gourmet ice cream parlor has 125 different flavors to choose from with customized add-ons available upon request like an extra splash of chocolate sauce or a dash of sprinkles to brighten your frozen treat. What might be the most impressive feat, is that Aronka has no culinary training or background. She is 100 percent self-taught.

“Every ice cream flavor that we have is original to my husband [Aaron] and I.” Robertson explained, “These are all our own original flavors, and different things that our customers have asked us to create we will create it for them.”

They use nothing but local Texas dairy farms to get fresh milk and other dairy-based ingredients and they make all their original ice cream in-house. Meaning they end up making all their homemade ice cream within a 24-to-48-hour window.

Aronka, and her husband, Aaron Robertson holds a special place in their heart for the City of Killeen. They claim the community as family and the city as their home. However, with Aaron being involved in the military they have had to move and adjust their plans to make Killeen their forever home. Aaron was stationed in Korea for a short stint before getting relocated to Hawaii causing the couple to move there for the next three years, before finding their way back home to Killeen.

“During the height of the pandemic, we decided to come to Killeen.” Robertson said “We just wanted to make this home, and really give back to the community that has put so much into me and my husband. It was just so comfortable for us to come back here. We love everyone her in Killeen so yes, it’s a no-brainer!”

There is one special ingredient that goes into every scoop of ice cream and in all 125 flavors and that ingredient isn’t something you can just grab at the store. Robertson says what makes her ice cream stand out from everyone else’s is that hers is made with love.

“You can taste the love!” Robertson exclaimed, “All our customers say the same thing. I tell people all the time when you come into our shop you’re going to be loved on. This is what it’s all about, everybody is somebody at Aronka’s Five Star Creations.”

She says there have been multiple instances where a family will come in for some ice cream and they end up hanging out for another 2-3 hours because they’re having such a good time. The atmosphere at Aronks’s is like non-other, she and her staff make their customers feel comfortable and welcomed to stay for as long as they’d like.

“Every one of our customers are family and you feel that, I feel like you feel that when you come in!” Robertson said, “You feel like this is a very community-based type of business.”

Aronka’s Five Star Creations is the home-grown community ice cream shop that caters to everyone’s wants and needs. Their small business is in such high demand they have decided to explore expanding their location. Aronka’s is currently looking at a space on the military base Fort Hood. So, there’s no reason to panic Killeenites, you can still get your favorite local ice cream. If there’s a flavor you want and they don’t have it just talk to Aronka and she can make it happen!