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Texas Police Trainers, LLC.

About Us

Texas Police Trainers  was  originally established as the "Texas Police Trainers Yahoo Group" back in March 2008 as  a means to connect the dots and bridge law enforcement training.  The original training site was created as a restricted site for Texas Law Enforcement individuals, and we are excited and pleased to be able to continue our exclusive law enforcement network.  Because the previous training network had grown so much, as the moderator of the training website  I envisioned this as an opportunity to grow the network into what is now the Texas Police Trainers.  The new Texas Police Trainers (TPT) is more well rounded and is now able to accommodate the demands of the subscribers it serves.

MOTTO:  "Empowering the law enforcement individuals to take control of their individual law enforcement training and professional development".


To serve the law enforcement community by providing quality law enforcement training information, valuable resources and networking.  To provide up-to-date law enforcement  information and resources in the area of training, scholarships, grants, associations, whats trending in law enforcement and so much more to its subscribers by providing a one-stop-shop that will help to enhance their professionalism and help ensure our law enforcement community are highly trained.  


  • Awards Nomination Opportunities

  • Honoring our Texas Fallen Heroes

  • Instructor Portal

  • Law Enforcement Associations (Texas & National)

  • Law Enforcement Grants

  • Law Enforcement Training (Online, Classroom, Host Training and a space for Contracted Training Providers to download shared instructor course material)

  • Scholarships (Dependent & Commission individuals)

  • Texas Law Enforcement Job Vacancies (commission and civilian positions)

  • Texas Law Enforcement Vendors (Instructors & Trainers and Uniform & Equipment)

  • Texas Police Trainers Products

  • Social Media BLOGS (Facebook , LinkedIn & Twitter)

As the moderator and owner of the Texas Police Trainers Yahoo Group, and now the Texas Police Trainers website, I have truly enjoyed volunteering my time and serving you all for over 12 years.  I also appreciate all the support and love you have given to the previous training network, so I am confident that you will continue that support because there is a great need for what the previous network offered, and now what the new website is offering.

Your continued support is needed, so please continue to support and share the training website's existence with your law enforcement contacts.

Look forward to networking with you all!


Janice Washington

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